Choosing a Dog Cage For German Shepherds

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A heavy-duty rubberwood dog crate for your GSD should have many of the characteristics you’re looking for in a quality product. A heavy-duty dog crate will be roomy, durable, made of rubberwood, and have a secure locking mechanism for your GSD’s safety and security. You should also look for other features, such as a door that swings both ways, a lockable latch, and a sturdy design.


A German Shepherd crate is a great choice. It’s made with thick steel bars and a non-corrosive layer. This is perfect for this powerful breed, which isn’t prone to rust. However, you may need to re-enamel the crate every few years. You can get spray-on enamel at any hardware store. You’ll need to keep an eye on the weight of the cage, since German Shepherds are particularly heavy.

Fable Pets Dog Crate

Some heavy-duty dog cages are made with durable composite material. The material is tough enough to withstand the chewing of your dog. It is also easy to assemble. Some crates come with removable caster wheels to make moving the crate convenient. A heavy-duty crate also has a front and top door and a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. Heavy-duty dog crates are not only stylish but also functional.

Some heavy-duty dog crates are made with metal wire and are foldable. This makes transporting and storing your dog more convenient. Many of these cages come with four wheels on the bottom, so you can easily roll it from one room to another. Another important feature is the door that can lock securely. You don’t want to worry about your pet getting out of the crate when it’s locked.

A German Shepherd is an intelligent breed. It’s important to provide a safe and secure environment for them, and a heavy-duty German shepherd crate will serve as their sleeping quarters. If you’re going to leave them in a crate all day, the crate should be a quiet, draft-free spot where there’s no chance of them escaping. A crate should be able to open and close easily, which ensures air circulation. Mats are another great option to help keep your crate clean and dry.

dog cage for german shepherd
dog cage for german shepherd


Whether you want a roomy dog cage for your German Shepherd or a large dog crate, you’ll find the best options for your needs. A roomy dog cage is made from strong, recycled plastic and has two doors, including a wide one with a divider. Some models are also adjustable, and you can customize the dimensions to fit your pet’s size. The Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel comes in six sizes and features a removable plastic pan and an optional divider panel. It’s easy to carry, and features a sturdy dog tray and a convenient handle for carrying. The double-door design provides easy access to both the inside and outside of the crate. Heavy-duty side bolt latches secure doors and ensure that your dog is safe and secure.

If your German Shepherd is larger than average, consider an extra-large crate with dividers. It has ample space for a large German Shepherd and is designed to accommodate up to 32.5″ tall. While these crates are expensive, they have rounded corners and two doors with double latches. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, a roomy dog cage may be the right choice.

A polyester crate is a great choice for moving German Shepherd puppies. They can use this as their home while they’re young, but a metal crate may be a good choice in the future. The polyester crate also has a nice opacity, which can reduce the amount of stimulation your German Shepherd may receive. It’s important to note that PVC crate parts are thicker and harder to clean.

Made from rubberwood

Choosing a solid, well-made crate is important. The German shepherd breed is extremely large, so a small, sturdy dog cage is important. Its design provides extra-wide doors and a lockable slide bolt. Large dogs may find the crate too small, but they can still be contained comfortably. A German shepherd crate should be sturdy, well-made, and easy to transport.

While choosing a dog crate, consider the type of material it is made from. A solid rubberwood dog crate will look and feel like fine furniture. A door that swings both ways is a big advantage. The door latch will hold up to chewing, but it may not be strong enough for a large GSD. A lightweight plastic crate may be the perfect option, but a heavy, solid-walled crate might be better suited for a smaller dog.

For tall German Shepherds, an extra-large dog crate is a great option. It will hold your German Shepherd comfortably and will come with a removable tray for easy cleaning. Purchasing one with an extra-large size is a smart investment if you plan to use it for more than one year. This durable, attractive crate is also lightweight and portable, but it is heavy, so consider whether you’ll be relocating it.

If you’re traveling or camping, plastic crates are a great choice. They have solid walls, but are generally more expensive than metal crates. Crates that are large enough for a German shepherd are typically more expensive than those that are smaller. Moreover, they are not as durable as wire crates, so they’re best for short trips or home stays. You can reinforce metal crates with strategically placed zip ties.

Secure locking mechanism

Getting a high-quality dog cage for your German Shepherd requires a few things. One of the first things you need to consider is whether or not it has a locking mechanism. While a crate is important in protecting your dog, a high-quality one should also be easy to assemble and have a secure locking mechanism. These factors are vital to the safety of your German Shepherd, and it’s also a good idea to choose one that has rounded corners so that your dog can’t get hurt.

Another feature to look for is a locking mechanism. Some crates come with a keypad for securing the crate. Those that have a locking mechanism will prevent your dog from escaping and will prevent the dog from damaging the crate. Some crates even have wheels and a storage bag, which is a great convenience for transporting your dog. Another important factor is the crate’s size. A medium-sized German Shepherd can easily fit in it, and a large German shepherd can easily weigh up to 90 pounds.

While the German Shepherd breed is known for being obedient and intelligent, the problem is not the breed itself. Some dogs are more prone to escaping, and a dog cage with a secure locking mechanism is worth its price tag. A high-quality crate with a secure locking mechanism will provide a safe haven for your pet, regardless of size. And because it is sturdy and can withstand the chewing of a Rottweiler’s jaws, it is worth the price.

A heavy-duty dog cage is best for a German Shepherd that is a chewer and an escape artist. This kind of crate is often made of metal bars for extra protection in a car crash. Wire crates are an affordable option and are also ideal for non-chewy German Shepherds. They are also easy to carry around. If you are traveling often, you can opt for a soft-sided crate to allow your dog to feel part of the social scene.

Easy to clean

The first thing to remember when buying a German Shepherd crate is to choose an easy to clean one. German Shepherds are big and powerful dogs, so the crate should be made from sturdy steel bars and coated with a non-corrosive finish. Because these metal parts can get rusty, owners may have to re-enamel the cage every few years. A spray-on enamel is a great solution, and can be purchased at a local hardware store.

Another important consideration is size. A German Shepherd can grow to be 22-26 inches tall and weigh between 50-90 pounds, so you must choose a crate that is large enough to accommodate both of these measurements. If you plan to use the crate permanently, an extra-large cage may be a wise investment. Make sure to purchase the crate with rounded corners. The only downfall to this cage is its weight, so be prepared to relocate it from one place to another.

Another easy-to-clean option is a bathtub. A bathtub is a good place to wash a large, heavy-duty dog cage. However, be prepared to spend a fair amount of time and effort cleaning this one. Fortunately, there are several DIY tips to keep it looking its best. You can also try soaking a soft pad in a detergent mixture, but the washing machine may not be up to the task.

Using a dog crate is part of house training your German shepherd. Crate training is a great way to prevent your dog from developing destructive habits and giving you a safe space to leave your dog in. German Shepherds also love a crate, and the Frisco Folding Metal Dog Crate is a great option. This crate comes with a removable tray and divider, and is collapsible for easy storage.

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