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There are a variety of dog crates available for small dogs. They come in many materials and can range in price. Consider the wire vs. plastic or wooden, soft sided vs. collapsible. There are also a variety of AmazonBasics models available. Here are some of the pros and cons of each type of cage. You can also consider what kind of ventilation it offers.

Metal vs plastic vs wire mesh vs plastic

The style of the dog cage is just as important as the size. Whether you go with a metal crate or a plastic kennel, it must be big enough to let Fido stand up, turn around, and lay down. If your dog can’t turn around, he might want to use a smaller crate.

Fable Pets Dog Crate

Mesh crates provide good air circulation, which is important in warmer climates. Some mesh crates have a rolled down curtain for the windows or door to help reduce vocalization. You can also fold up a wire crate for easy storage. Wire crates may be a bit more difficult to set up, but they do allow plenty of air circulation.

Wire-mesh crates and metal crates have some advantages and disadvantages. Plastic crates are more attractive than metal ones. They are also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to coordinate your dog’s crate with the rest of your home’s decor. While metal dog crates tend to last longer, they aren’t as attractive and may be heavy. Some dogs might try to aim their paws outside.

dog cages for small dogs
dog cages for small dogs

Wire crates are easy for dogs to break into, but are generally not lightweight. Consider the size, weight, and position of the handles before buying. Wire crates are also open, which may be unsettling for smaller dogs. In addition, they don’t provide adequate insulation, so a wire crate may not be appropriate in colder climates.

Wooden vs wire mesh

Wooden vs wire mesh dog crates come with pros and cons. While wire mesh dog crates are ideal for small dogs, their design can create safety concerns. To minimize the risk of injuries, choose high-gauge metal dog crates. Plastic dog crates have less safety concerns, but you need to be sure that they are chew-resistant and have no detachable pieces.

Wire mesh dog crates are often unattractive, which can result in the dog escaping and being trapped inside. In addition, strong dogs can easily push their muzzles through the wires, trapping their head and neck. Sadly, some dogs have died from their collars getting caught on the wires in wire mesh crates. Broken wires can also cause injury. Broken wires can poke a dog’s eye or cause a broken bone, especially if your pup paws get stuck in the wires.

A wire mesh dog cage can be made of galvanized or PVC-coated wire panels. The thicker the wire, the better. A thicker wire mesh will withstand the impact caused by a dog. Wooden dog crates may not be as attractive as wire mesh crates. A wire-mesh dog crate is an excellent choice for a small dog.

Unlike wire mesh crates, wooden dog crates are not portable and are difficult to clean. This material is not suited for puppies or dogs that are particularly destructive. Wooden dog crates are also heavy and difficult to move, and some dogs may react badly to them. These crates retain the same functionality as other dog crates, but they lack portability and simplicity.

Collapsible vs soft-sided

Collapsible vs soft-side dog cages are different in many ways. The former is ideal for crates your dog will use as a sleeping area. While soft-sided crates tend to be smaller, they’re great for larger dogs and multiple small pets. A few drawbacks to soft-sided crates include their low roof height and difficult accessibility for taller dogs.

One of the major benefits of soft-sided dog crates is their portability. They’re lighter than plastic or wire crates and fold flat, making them ideal for frequent setup and transportation. They can also be easily stored away when not in use. Collapsible crates do have a few drawbacks, but soft sided crates can be used on a regular basis and are an excellent choice if you need to travel with your dog.

One major advantage of soft-sided crates is that they provide a quiet and cozy place for your dog to hide away. The soft-sided versions come with mesh screens that prevent insects from getting into the kennel, while still allowing you to see out. You can roll the flaps up and down as needed to keep out water and moisture. If you want a soft-sided crate, you can always add a cushion or bed to it for added comfort.

One advantage of soft-sided dog crates is that they can easily be carried in a car. They can be folded down on a steel frame, allowing you to easily store them for travel. Soft-sided dog crates can also be used at home as a den. In addition to being easily transportable, soft-sided crates are easy to store and clean.


This metal cage for small dogs is made from sturdy polyester, which resists scorching heat and water. Its fold-down arrangement allows for easy portability. Its sturdy construction prevents escape attempts, and the handle is easily removable. You can also use it to carry the crate as a suitcase. You can also purchase a plastic top lining to protect your dog’s feet.

The double-door, movable door design of the AmazonBasics dog crate makes it convenient for you to transport your dog from place to place. The crate’s PVC frame supports the fabric, and it can be folded to take up minimal space when not in use. These crates are easy to clean, and come in several sizes to suit your dog’s needs. However, it’s important to consider the size of the crate you plan to use.

Another feature of the AmazonBasics dog crate is that it’s easy to assemble. There are no tools needed and you can have your pup crated within minutes. The cuboid design and chain of side panels make it easy to clean. And because it comes with a divider, your pup won’t be tempted to eliminate in it. A divider is a bonus!

An AmazonBasics metal dog crate is suitable for both adult dogs and puppies. This crate is convenient for house training, potty training and reinforcing house rules. A double-door design allows you to easily access your pet while keeping the door closed. The crate has a padded floor and divider panel for comfort and safety. You can also easily remove the crate’s plastic pan for cleaning.

New World

If you’re looking for a new dog crate, consider the foldable metal dog crate by New World. These compact metal crates are easy to set up and fold back securely. They have a removable tray to catch dirt, so your dog can stay clean while you’re away. Besides being easy to put together, they blend in with your home decor. You’ll love the pink color, too!

The New World folding metal dog crate is easy to assemble and folds for easy storage or transport. It comes with a leak-proof plastic pan, which you can easily clean. The heavy-duty slide-bolt latch prevents your dog from escaping while you’re not there. A one-year manufacturer warranty ensures your purchase. There are some downsides to this dog crate, however.

Unlike other dog crates, this crate is easy to assemble. The smallest New World crate weighs just over 22kg and features four 360-degree rotating wheels that can keep the crate in position while you’re out and about. The crate comes in two colors: pink and powder blue. Depending on your preference, your dog can sleep in either color. However, if you’re looking for a more stylish crate for your pet, you should look for a different brand.

A wire mesh crate may not be the best choice for a small dog, as it is not designed to contain large breeds. Large breeds that are prone to escape may find these too difficult to use. Untrained puppies with destructive behavior may tear apart the wire crate and injure themselves. Before purchasing a crate, make sure you’ve taken the time to evaluate your pet’s needs.

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