How to Choose a Fancy Dog Crate

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There are several features to consider when choosing a fancy dog crate for your pup. You’ll need to consider the materials used in their construction, as well as the size and price. Read on to learn more about these crates and how to choose the right one for your pet. There are many types available in the market, so you can make the right choice for your pup. Listed below are some of the top features to consider.

Features of a fancy dog crate

A fancy dog crate has a few features that make it stand out from the rest. Its materials are usually durable and environmentally friendly. Its lock system and door have a diamond shape to prevent accidental injuries. It is also aesthetically appealing, with its sleek veneer finish and removable tray. A fancy dog crate has all the benefits of a traditional kennel, but has some perks that set it apart.

Fable Pets Dog Crate

Many fancy dog crates also double as gates so your dog can access certain rooms. Its bottom plastic tray protects your flooring and is removable. Moreover, it is easy to assemble. Most owners also like its design. Here are some of its most notable features:

Multi-door design – A fancy dog crate should have multiple doors, as it will allow the owner to access your puppy from different locations. Some fancy crates also have top doors to make it easier to clean the kennel. It should be suitable for your dog’s age and breed. This will ensure that it will last a long time. Moreover, it will adapt to your growing puppy as it grows.

Design: Some crates can double as a media center or credenza. They can be customized to meet your needs, including locking sliding barn doors and two drawers. Other crate features include waterjet cut door brackets and heavy duty ball bearing wheels. These crates can be custom-made to fit the style and design of your home. If you want a fancy crate for your dog, you can choose a custom one with rounded edges and a stylish finish.

Other than style, a fancy dog crate can also serve as a functional furniture piece. They are durable and can serve dual purposes, with their unique designs and shapes. They may be used for several hours a day, so you should make sure the crate provides plenty of space. It is also important to ensure your dog’s safety. A fancy crate should be secure and comfortable. If not, it could be a cause of harm for your dog.

fancy dog crate
fancy dog crate

Materials used to make a crate

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can build a fancy dog crate for your beloved pet. There are many options available for fancy crates, from those that are just for decoration to those with tiny windows. Before beginning, you should collect all the materials you need. Write down the materials you will need and determine the size and layout. When purchasing wood panels, dowels, molding and other materials, be sure to select specific sizes for specific spots. Remember that you’ll be purchasing larger pieces of wood so you can cut them down to fit the crate.

Besides looking good, a fancy dog crate also allows you to put other items inside. Aside from holding your favorite dog treats, you can also store small items in it, such as your pictures or other treasured possessions. You can even make a dog crate with your carpentry skills if you have a spare time. But remember, that while the materials used to make a fancy crate are beautiful, they’re also functional, so don’t use them for training your pet.

Modern crates are made of advanced materials, such as furniture-style wood. They are lightweight, easy to clean and easy to transport. You can find these crates in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some contemporary crates are made of hardwood or laminate. They are usually more visually appealing on the outside and have curved interior panels. These crates can also be folded up for easy storage.

If you’re not too handy with woodworking, a console table can also serve as a stylish crate. You can also use chicken wire to make one. Building your own crate will not only save you money, but will also show off your personality. Remember to always measure your dog when building. Likewise, consider the size of your dog and its destructive habits. You’ll be glad you took the time to build a crate that matches your pet’s personality.

Sizes available

There are several sizes available for fancy dog crates. Keep in mind that the size of your puppy’s crate will change from that of an adult dog. To find out how much space your puppy will require, measure him from his nose to his tail. Then, add an additional two to four inches to his length. This extra space should be enough to allow your puppy to turn around and lie down comfortably. Dog crates can be as expensive as $300, and they can be as small as $30.

Besides the standard sizes, you can choose from crates with different designs and materials. One type of fancy crate is available in marble. Its elegant design is enhanced by the lattice edging. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, which include wood, metal, and glass. It can be used as a bedside table or a storage unit.

When selecting a fancy dog crate, remember to consider its durability and aesthetic appeal. Smaller pups can use a simple wire crate, while larger dogs can benefit from a large-sized one. Smaller crates are best for smaller dogs under 10 pounds. Some of these fancy dog crates also have a sliding door for easy access to the interior. The door can be left open or closed, depending on your preferences.

The stylish crates are also made of wood. You can choose between white and black colors. Some of the crates come with removable plastic tray bottoms. These crates are perfect for house-trained dogs, but you should also keep in mind the cost. If you choose to buy a wooden crate, it may be an investment that will last for a long time. And you can always get a new one as your dog grows.

There are also different sizes available for fancy dog crates. Some of these crates are airline-approved, meaning they are approved for airline travel. This means that if you already have one for your dog at home, it will feel more comfortable while traveling. But bear in mind that they are not always the most attractive options. They may not be the most attractive, but they will make your dog look tough.


If you want to pamper your pup while at the same time keeping him safe and comfortable, you can opt for a fancy dog crate. Fancy dog crates are available in many different materials and designs. Many are made of eco-friendly materials. In addition, they are convenient to use because they have hidden locks and magnet door mechanisms. They are also available in various colors. These are an excellent option if you want your dog to have his own private place in your house.

A dog crate is not just an effective training tool but is also an important part of pet care. Many pet owners are put off by large plastic or wired cages that do not fit in with their interior decor. Modern dog crates are made to be stylish and blend in with the décor of your home. They look more attractive than their traditional counterparts. However, you should still keep in mind that they are still a training tool and should not be mistaken for a punishment.

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